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Cold Brew Blend 12oz

Medium Roast
Chocolate, Caramel, Nutty

The official toast to Summer means you can now brew Ammi's cold brew at home!  This blend is the coffee we use for our in-store cold brew that you all know & love.  Available in whole bean or ground. 

At Home Cold Brewing Instructions:
  1. Use 1oz of coarsely ground coffee for every 7oz of water.
  2. Place grinds in filter (i.e. linen cloth, muslin fabric) and secure bag so grinds do not escape.
  3. Steep bag in cold water for 12-18 hours.
  4. Remove bag from water and drain coffee into the brewing vessel, this is your concentrate.
  5. Measure liquid, you should yield 75% liquid from start, approx. 4-6oz.
  6. Add water to double concentrate volume to 8-12oz and you are ready to drink! Feel free to add ice!